boundaries are anxiety busters

2014 is the year of drawing a line in the sand. When I first stood my ground with my relationship with my sister I felt harsh, cold, and uncaring. I have offered her everything I know on whole foods, consistent self care, and meditation to help overcome helplessness, panic attacks and neurological pain. In spite of my family's differences, I believe my sister can heal and become whole.

My sister's suffering has shown light on every behavior and belief that we share. And here is the conflict-- trying something new in spite of going against the tribe. Making mistakes that will cost us rejection. The fear of not being loved.

Rather than being paralyzed in fear, I pushed forward. I've lived my life by taking risks, falling down and getting up again.The truth is this cycle repeated until my awareness grew. Now self awareness allows me to notice what is right here and to respond when I am called. Being in service through CranioSacral has taught me this:

I believe in trusting my body in the midst of fear. I believe in life giving choices. I believe in following my own way. I believe boundaries are an act of love. I believe anxiety is the conflict over saying yes when you want to say no.

Boundaries are anxiety busters. By listening to your truth you will have more strength and life energy.

Q & A:  When you doing something you don't want to what is your body's response? What healthy boundary can you keep to support your healing?

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