Your Body Will Let Go

Your body will let go. Letting go in the body happens in body time. Remember body time is seven times slower than the mind's version of now. Letting go doesn't make sense to the mind. Letting go doesn't happen in the body through willing it into being or expecting it to happen within a certain amount of time.  

Letting go will happen within wide open space. Give yourself time to be present with what comes up after body work. Schedule in white space the same day. Receiving bodywork is an investment in your health that extends beyond the immediate experience of peace. Being quiet to absorb the comfort and safety of healing offers these benefits: relaxation, lowering stress, emotional connection, and feeling your body as s/he is.

The greatest gift of healing is to awaken your teacher within.

A doorway opened after my own most recent session. 18 years after my near death experience I was present to witness my felt experience of trauma healing through a great unwinding 8 hours after bodywork. Did it wake me up at night, yes. Was it uncomfortable, yes, at times. Was I scared, no because bodywork had prepared me for this moment.

Strange signs arose in my mind: my ability to discuss ordinary daily events became difficult. Subtle clues became more apparent in my body. My right brain experience was magnified. I stayed open to this emerging experience rather than distracting myself or pushing it away.

I turned down the volume and turned off all electronics. Once I entered a quiet zone, I really listened to my experience. Entering my personal ocean of sensation was a relief. I began to experience my head injury from the perspective of my arms. I never knew what happened to my arms when a car ran into my legs catapulting my body in the air. My arms were waking up becoming softer from the inside out. I welcomed  this comfort.

During the night in one long continuous dream I felt light headed and queasy. Once I felt what was coming up in physical sensation my body let go. My dream supported releasing what no longer needed protection. I woke many times in gratitude to mark my journey through body time. Coming back to my body is a peak experience, one of self love.

Time in healing is not based in the material world. It's all about alignment within yourself. 

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