anxiety hijacks your alignment

When you see this gesture what emotion comes to mind? Frustration, anger,  pain? Stress is intense. You carry this intensity in your muscles longer than you think. Whether there is a train headed your way or not, your nervous system has been hijacked by the stress response. It's a brilliant system to contract your muscles into super action while stress hormones keep pumping away until you are able to calm down.

In your body, the vagus nerve can respond to stress with heart pounding authority, a touch of nausea and growing anxiety. In the beginning of life, babies are working through the stress of birth with fussiness, rapid breathing, and digestive pain. Some people's nervous systems are more physiologically sensitive expressing anxiety physically. Stress can range from a touch of anxiety to panic attacks. The solution is to turn off the stress response by turning on the relaxation response

While your amygdala starts yelling "Danger!" to get your attention because your body's stress hormones believe that train IS coming down the track. An active mind can feed the amygdala more stress stories spinning your nervous system into further shock and trauma. Listen closely. Stress responses only last 90 seconds. You can mindfully participate by breathing, stopping all the "what if" stories, staying present as you realize the truth. You are safe.  Remember the job of the stress response is to help you get out of danger by contracting your fists to fight or contracting your muscles to run or freezing in shock.

My own story begins at Golden Gardens, when my dog and I were walking down the train tracks towards Carkeek Park. I kept thinking "why are people waving at us?" It took one person to literally act out that a train was coming for me to act quickly. In a few seconds I jumped off the tracks, sat down and held my dog tight. Looking back, I realized that the usual sound of the train was muffled by a naturally occuring sound vacuumn. CranioSacral helped me work through this question: why was my nervous system blocking my ability to "hear" what was going on around me?

It is so important to get this. Stress switches off the body's natural self repair abilities. Returning to balance ASAP is important if you are interested in healing unwanted symptoms.

Let me walk you through how CranioSacral balances and resets your nervous system. Emotional overwhelm tightens up your core. Some people experience this as a clamping down of their system leading to heaviness and fatigue. Others experience their anxiety physically with heart palpitations or chest tightness. CranioSacral affects a deeper internal alignment that I witnessed this week so clearly.

One client came in for relief with super tight neck muscles that felt like "a girdle squeezing tighter and tighter." He also recently had his jaw and bite adjusted by his dentist. Every CS session begins with a hands on assessment. What I found was amazing: his jaw, upper neck and spine were all aligned. In other words, each individual area of his body was in it's ideal placement. Yet the cranials (the head) and pelvis (the sacrum) were grossly out of alignment. His symptoms were relieved with cranial alignment.

An emotional theme in your life whether it's sadness, relationship stress or trauma, for instance, takes the nervous system out of structural alignment. CranioSacral supports the amygdala to let go of emotional memories and decompresses the vagus nerve relieving anxiety, heart pain, tinnitus, and digestive stress. As your body calms in these important centers, the integrity of your physical alignment will support lowering anxiety. Share this post with your friends and family below.