Tension is a universal experience. Everyone has felt tension take their body out of alignment. Being aligned is not fixed or static, rather it's the dynamic balance between tension and flow. Alignment creates strength and stability through tension. Too much tension leads to contraction and rigidity. Too much lax leads to instability, loss of support, and the inability to hold postural alignment. 

Without tension you wouldn't be able to locate where you are in physical space. Tension creates dynamic suspension to move your body physically from one place to another. 

Defining your body as muscles moving bones is an old model. Once you realize your body is 70-90% water the newer fluid body model makes sense. Health is the continuous cycling of nourishing fluids from your center, your brain and spinal cord, throughout your entire body, down to your cells. 


In the environment health depends upon the free flowing nature of all water sources: the ocean feeding the rivers and tributaries that nourish all of life. Stagnation slows down the flow eventually blocking these life giving resources.  Living during a drought can be compared to lack of health. The river's are trickling rather than flowing preventing the land from supporting new growth.

When you are aligned your body's healing pathways are open and flowing.


CranioSacral Therapy opens and releases deep layers of tension surrounding the brain and spinal cord. When core level tension releases there is increased cranial flow of vital nutrients from your brain's deep reservoirs downward from your head throughout your spine. Opening the nervous system's core balances muscle tension and pain and gently restores alignment.

Increased cranial flow sources nourishment for your brain, nerves, blood vessels, and all systems including your nervous, musculoskeletal, digestive, hormonal and elimination systems.

Cranial flow enhances circulation in your head and body. Clear sensory communication requires fluidity between all organ systems and your muscles and their surrounding tissues. Your own felt sense informs you of tension. When tension is ignored it continues to enlist more of your body's real estate until a twinge spreads into more stiffness, pain and dysfunction.

Alignment returns your health

When you are aligned you will be able to access your natural resources and experience more ease and less tension.

When you are aligned you will feel able to move your body freely without discomfort. 

When you are aligned you can regulate stress and access mental clarity.

When you are aligned your body can let go of inflammation, the body's  protection from further pain. 

When you are aligned you feel better so you can do what you enjoy doing.

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