A Call to Listen to Your Body

A call to listen can come at the most inconvenient time...or it might come within an ordinary moment. The question is... can you be present with yourself and respond? It means changing course, slowing down, perhaps letting go of an agenda. When you listen to a prompting you are receiving a sacred gift.  You are able to be with yourself in a nourishing way and receive.

Your body always tells the truth. Your mind will create doubt and sabotage your results. Get out of your head and experience quality time with your body. By quieting down you can begin hearing yourself from a deeper level. Giving your physical symptom's sensations and feelings space to rise up and release.  

My own healing journey requires that I listen and respond to my inner calling. Recently I completed a calling which began over five years ago. My new eworkbook is here! Body Healing Practices is filled with self care inquiries and recorded guided meditations supporting my client's during and after CranioSacral Therapy.

When we work together, you will have access to my new eworkbook Body Healing Practices filled with empowering self care tools.