Take Care of Yourself First


One way I take care of myself first is by being quiet before my day starts. Sometimes I’m greeted by beautiful light through the solarium windows. Even a moment to be still to listen to my body makes a difference. Being present with myself for a breath or two is true self care.

The more I breathe the more grounded I am. Groundedness is necessary to feel healthy and vital. When you begin to notice you’re wound up you may be responding to your day from only a fraction of your potential.

The longer you are not fully occupying your body the more body symptoms of anxiety, tension, tightness, and pressure may slow you down distorting reality.

Let me share how it works. You are an energetic being connected on many levels, highly capable, and emotionally resourced to respond to life’s challenges as you make the best possible choices.

You are able to handle stress until you’re not.

Sometimes all it takes is being triggered. In an instant something in your present experience triggers your past tipping you off center. Emotional memories rise up in the body creating symptoms. Because it’s energy, once it’s embraced, allowing your experience to be here, thing’s shift. You can breathe deeper.

Your body’s protection turns up the volume expressing as muscle tension or feeling locked in an uncomfortable pattern. Maybe your back seizes up, or a headache starts or your body’s self protection makes you anxious. Maybe now you can turn your attention inward.

What if you were gently held as you return to your soft capable self - resilient and grounded. My style of CranioSacral helps you navigate your current life challenges as you place yourself first. Taking care of yourself first is loving. When you give yourself time to connect - you are grounded again. Caring for others from this place does not take energy.

Try taking a few minutes in the morning to listen to your body and ground. Bring yourself back. Listen to yourself just as you are. Real and human.