3 steps to de-stress your brain

Stress stops the flow. Stress can be silent or piercing like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. One mom came in for CranioSacral for herself and her toddler because she was cracking her front teeth from clenching so hard. Not only was her stress interrupting her life, her daughter was imitating her mother's clenching as well as being more clingy and having night terrors.  

According to Dr. Dan Siegel, UCLA psychiatrist, the mind is "a relational and embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information in the brain and body."  This flow of this life energy is directly related to your physical and mental health.

To understand this better, parenting expert Carrie Contey Phd teaches Dr Siegel's Hand Model of the triune brain. This work demonstrates the importance of being with our body in the same way we would respond and care for a young child.

In this video on the Triune Brain you will learn how to identify which area of the brain is activated and how to bring yourself back into balance. You will learn that stress behavior does not respond to rational thinking. You will understand which part of the brain responds to empathy versus being taught logically what to do. Stress needs safety.

Begin right now to de-stress your brain with these 3 steps:

:: start right now by slowing down

:: notice what is happening in your own body

:: take a breathing break

Clenching or biting is a survival response 'turning on' fight or flight in the brainstem. CranioSacral restores safety by resetting the parts of the brain concerned with fight, flight or freeze.

TMJ issues indicate that the limbic system is also involved. When emotions are being held in the body and are not being expressed, the result can be increased jaw popping or muscle tension.  CranioSacral slows the nervous system down to help you open to the flow when mental and emotional overwhelm expresses as stress, chronic muscular patterns, and interrupted sleep.

You can restore the flow by relaxing deeply.  When we work together, I guide you to connect with your breath, your number one self regulating energy tool. Over time you will learn to breathe intentionally, successfully managing your own stress. Share with your friends and family.