Conscious Touch Heals Your Body

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Consider this an invitation to ponder this question: 

Does conscious touch in bodywork play a role in healing?

conscious touch initiates a healing relationship through being present with your body.

Being in the moment….welcoming what ever sensations are present is an opportunity to feel those feelings and sensations that may not have been safe to feel.

conscious touch and listening unravels cellular stories and emotional memories activated by current events or stress. 

listening to your body’s truth will give you more energy for life. Practice centering with a body scan for accessing the intelligence of your mind, heart and body. 

craniosacral healing gently opens an energetic dialogue with your body through intentional touch and movement.


Can CranioSacral Help You?

Doing more is seductive.

Your mind & body are constantly in a power struggle to do more, be stronger, and train harder rather than being connected with your own rhythm and pace.

Slowing down and listening to your body becomes something to do.

When your body doesn’t feel like yourself —

how do you return to balance?

Listen to the ABM FM Radio Interview - 3 minutes -where I describe my approach and who CranioSacral Therapy can help.  


Let's review several core concepts of CranioSacral Therapy, CST.

How well does your nervous system communicate with your whole body?
Symptoms are the body's way of communicating through sensations. It's helpful to listen to your body's request. Begin with the basics: eating, resting, gentle movements, and good hydration.

CranioSacral Therapy helps reset your nervous system and balance your body. CST is known for gently listening to the body while rebalancing and improving alignment.

Cranio (Head) and Sacral (Tail) are anatomical terms for the mind body connection. CST is deeply relaxing increasing your capacity to heal.

Your core IS the CranioSacral System: the brain & spinal cord. Your core is protective, balancing, and adaptable.

Your nervous system is always seeking balance. When you experience physical ease and emotional flow you are in balance.

A healthy core provides resilience to respond and adapt to stress. Your body's deep intelligence creates protection when faced with overwhelming experiences such as stress, trauma, and injury. CranioSacral Therapy helps release old protective strategies that comprise muscle contractions and painful patterns. Unwinding painful patterns influences your ability to bounce back from stress.

CranioSacral Therapy is more than pain relief.  CranioSacral alignment plays an important role with physical and emotional well-being.


Letting Go In Your Body


Letting go in your body is the moment when you open.

The moment when you honor this truth:

All of your life experiences are stored in your body's muscles, tissues, bones, fluids and nervous system.

Right here the very stress, chaos, and tension that weaves together rigid protective armor can let go.

Letting go is a catalyst for letting love in.

Life in your body is not linear.

You experience life in cycles whether they come with illness, age or environmental stress. 

As layers of tension are released, your capacity for more self kindness expands.

When I am in the midst of a health crisis…

my body asks me to be present with this and only this.

Somehow given the choice to keep spiraling or trust your deepest self knowing... 

Keep going. 

Letting go of knowing what, when or why.

Trust grace.

Until you no longer resist the possibility of more pain, worry, or distress.

Right here you can meet your health.

Unwinding everything your body is carrying is a dance.

Nothing is forced. 

You can unwind the way you currently experience your body.

Right here you can welcome the hidden gift to emerge.


Pay Attention To Your Attitude


In August it's time to commune with the sun. Being at the ocean calms me as the tide's moving out. My exhale entrains with gulls swooping down toward the waves. Penetrating golden light is everywhere. My gaze follows the rise and fall of each wave absorbing the sun's healing light flowing into my cells.

The sun calls to me to listen to my body. The small voice within says "Healing is believing in your success."

Often chronic symptoms seem overwhelming. The greatest challenge I've had to overcome has been my own limiting beliefs. When I realized that healing is a practice that freed up energy to be easy on myself and do what I can.

With this reminder I scan my body. I am led to a place in my body where "yes" lives and where "no" lives. Both feel real and true... and I can choose. Being in choice is taking back your power.

Healing does not mean your body will be free from illness. Even when your body is suffering, you have the ability to intend to heal.

You have the strength to let go of what no longer serves you. Give up any habits that keep you bound in fear or worry. Your attitude towards yourself can give you energy for healing and your freedom.


What Does Healing Mean For You?


For me healing means supporting your body-mind to be whole and vital. CranioSacral healing provides an environment for being in relationship with your whole self. Begin by creating space for yourself to be right where you are. It's uncomfortable, sometimes messy, and never predictable.


It's human nature to want your symptoms to go away. Remember your mind plays an important role. Your mind can either reject your body through analyzing WHY or WORRYING about the future. Staying in your head is spinning in circles. 

Remember you always can choose connection with your body through acceptance. Begin where you are. Your body always tells the truth.

EXERCISE :: Bring your awareness to your body. Breathe. Feel your body's sensations. Listen to your body. What do you notice when you are "in" your head? What do you notice when you are "in" your body?