CranioSacral for Babies

relieve your newborn's stress, colic symptoms, birth trauma and more with relaxing cst sessions. 

As the parent of a newborn you want to do everything you can to comfort and soothe your baby but this can prove to be challenging. After all, babies don't have the ability to tell us what they need!

During the first three months of life, in particular, CranioSacral therapy can provide your little one with much needed relief and relaxation.


  • Improve nursing for weight gain

  • Recover from colic and reduce acid reflux

  • Feeding issues involving tongue tie both before and after a frenectomy

  • Sleep issues

  • Naturally correct constipation

  • Realign following a challenging birth

  • Gentle treatment for digestive issues

  • Realign after a fall

  • Restores head shape following birth

  • Treat torticollis to correct head tilt

Read this informative article: Parent Map Article on how CST Benefits Infants

While being born is a natural, non-medical process, it is unpredictable and has lasting effects on the bodies involved, both mother and baby.  Problems can arise simply from birth taking place. 

CranioSacral Therapy can help give you more peaceful time with your baby as her body adapts to birth, a process which exerts an exceptional amount of pressure on your baby's head and spine. 

Birth is a transition, and as prepared as you may be for it, the baby can’t prepare at all. The universe your baby enters as she leaves your body is completely new. Everything that was provided automatically must now be requested through interpreting your baby's crying, smiling, and fussing.

I can help your baby adjust to this new life.
Sometimes there are bigger events: extended labor, the use of pitocin, positional problems, and interventions (forceps, vacuum and emergency C section) that both of you must recover from. Contact me to schedule.


CranioSacral helped tongue & lip tie and

my postpartum depression

"I am a first time mom who was struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression. My baby was having issues nursing due to a tongue and lip tie. I first went to see Barbara seeking CST for my baby to help with the ties, but after learning more about CST, I also decided to seek treatment for myself. Barbara was very caring and compassionate with my baby and me. Her approach is gentle and she really cares for her patients. I felt the treatment helped me heal not only the physical C section wound, but also the emotional wounds of postpartum. The treatment helped my baby release some pressure the ties were creating on her jaw and neck. I really enjoyed working with Barbara for our treatment and will highly recommend her for CST."-New Mom, Everett

I can now exclusively breastfeed

"My baby was having issues transferring milk and was struggling to gain weight. I went to a lactation consultant who recommended seeing a a CranioSacral specialist. I resisted at first and rented a hospital grade scale where I could measure how much he was taking in at every feeding. It was always between 1.6- 1.8 oz, way less than the recommended 2-5 oz per feeding so I was having to supplement with formula. I finally decided to try CranioSacral therapy and found Barbara on Yelp and made an appointment to visit her. My boy came in screaming his head off, Barbara felt his neck and told me that the area where his neck meets his head was "stuck" which was basically the equivalent of a constant headache (he was always extremely fussy). She started the therapy and almost immediately he calmed down- it felt like magic as it looked like she was barely doing anything! The immediate feeding after the therapy with Barbara he took in 3.1 oz and we have never looked back. He now takes in between 3 - 4 oz per feeding and I can now exclusively breastfeed him and I am so grateful to Barbara for that. I truly believe seeing Barbara made all the difference. We did 4 sessions in total and I would recommend Barbara to anyone and everyone. Thank you Barbara!" -Katie L., Edmonds


Craniosacral helped my newborn sleep through the night

“Barbara's therapy on my newborn son helped to transform his mixed up sleeping which then sped up his overall development. He went from having a reversed day and night schedule to sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old with a 10 hour stretch (one or two sleep feeds in there). That alone changed our household stress level and we continue to enjoy our morning wake ups to see what new skills, discoveries and sounds our baby boy has manifested after such a long restorative sleep!” -C.S., Seattle, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mother

peace after hospital trauma 

Our experience with Barbara was truly remarkable. We were looking for CranioSacral therapy for our 2 month old son who had to undergo open heart surgery at 5 weeks old and had a 6 week hospital stay straight from birth. He was very traumatized and "colic-y". Before CST our sweet Oliver was never happy. He seemed to be either asleep or crying and even though we knew he wasn't in too much physical pain, he was so discontent and unhappy.

We knew that something needed to be done to help him and it was our midwife who recommended CST. I found Barbara Coon through her website and was a little unsure about the whole kind of therapy because it really seems like she's doing NOTHING. The good thing about infants though is that there is no such thing as the placebo effect with them and we would know within a couple weeks if this thing was for real or a hoax.

Let me tell you, CST and Barbara Coon are for real! We saw tremendous strides in Oliver right away. He got to the point after just 2 sessions of actually being content. It was such a relief for my exhausted mama's heart to see him awake and happy. We were able to see improvement every single week that we saw Barbara and he really became a completely different baby.

Because of the trauma that Oliver went through, he used to fight sleep with every once of energy he had (likely because on a subconscious level he didn't know what harm might come to him if he fell asleep due to all the trauma at the hospital). He was finally able to find peace and now he'll fall asleep just about anywhere - even playing on his play mat!

We are so thankful for the work that Barbara did for our son and while we'll never know how it would have turned out had Oliver never had CST, we truly believe that it has changed the course of his life and that he will be a far less anxious child and even adult. -Jess Johnson, Seattle

Our third child's delivery was extremely fast.

"I believe our 2 month old daughter would benefit from Craniosacral therapy as she has a narrow skull, fissure ridges, was recently treated for tongue and lip tie, and experiences some reflux/digestive issues. She sounds like a mess but is truly a beautiful happy baby who smiled at 3 weeks old and continues to light up our lives. She is our third child and her delivery was extremely fast. Also we had her skull x-rayed due to the fissure ridges to rule out plate fusion, and the experience was somewhat traumatic. Also the tongue and lip tie surgery (laser) was fast but traumatic. She was a home birthed baby and we want her to be able to release any tension and be at peace.

Barbara! Thank you again for helping Azie today. Nursing has improved and she is sleeping peacefully again. She seems almost like a new baby to me this last week. She is developing so quickly now that it is truly amazing. It really felt like overnight she decided she would try sitting up and grabbing everything with so much more coordination, and having an opinion about everything :) It doesn't matter how many children one has, it is truly amazing to experience the growth and learning each baby goes through. We are all so blessed!!" -Katie Woodard  

Siena's Colic Was Eased With Craniosacral

"We were referred to Barbara to help with our newborn daughter's birth trauma from a very challenging birth, as well as colic. Our daughter had issues with sleep and self soothing; she had a very tense disposition. Barbara used a gentle approach and helped our daughter with her non-invasive CranioSacral treatments. Barbara facilitated a relaxed and comfortable environment and was very supportive of my adjustment to becoming a new parent and the particular struggles I encountered.

After cranial sacral sessions our daughter was very peaceful and calm, it provided relief for our entire family.  It was promising to see our daughter in such a relaxed state. Barbara was caring, patient, and helpful. We highly recommend her services." -New Mom, Seattle

Sky’s Head Shape Became Symmetrical

"Our son Sky was a breech baby. His head was quite narrow and asymmetrical when he was born. His naturopathic pediatrician recommended craniosacral therapy to help his head become more even and round.

He had eight sessions after which his head became more and more round and symmetrical. Now it’s perfect and beautiful! He really enjoyed the sessions and felt relaxed with Barbara’s energy and gentle touch.

I highly recommend Barbara as a CranioSacral practitioner!" -Heather Swift

Barbara magically treated my 4 year old after a car accident

DYLAN IMG_1025.jpeg

"Barbara has been doing some amazing work on my toddler ever since he was an infant.  She has a very unique talent for working with small children - patient and gentle - she is able to magically get them to LET HER treat them and makes the experience relaxing and enjoyable for the small child and for the mom.  And the results have been phenomenal. She worked on my son when he was an infant because he was having trouble latching. She was able to get his jaw to release by addressing alignment issues that occurred during the birthing process. I was blown away. It made the early days of breastfeeding so much less painful. 

Most recently after a minor car accident, I brought my son, now 2 years old to Barbara for a check over.  Barbara was able to determine that he had a very stiff neck and that many of his behaviors that I reported were caused by his stiff neck especially his clenched jaw during breastfeeding caused me pain, his daily tantrums, complaints of pain in his ears, vomiting, and noise sensitivity. These are all symptoms I would have ignored and chalked up to regular old toddlerhood had Barbara not pointed out to me that they could very well have been caused by the car accident. 

To my joyous surprise, all of these symptoms started to go away, some immediately, with her CranioSacral work over the course of 4 visits. The vomiting stopped after the very first treatment with Barbara, the tantrums and ear pain after about 2 visits, and the clenched jaw after 3. Barbara knows what she's doing, has a wonderful generous heart, and really has talent when it comes to working with small children." -New mom, Seattle 

Shea's Ear Infection Resolved Quickly Without Antibiotics

"We came in because Shea had an acute double ear infection diagnosed at Children's Urgent Care. My favorite aspect of CranioSacral was avoiding the antibiotics that I knew would wreak havoc with her digestive system. The treatment was very gentle and soothing.You could tell that Shea immediately felt better - she came in very fussy and upset, and was her old self after just 45 minutes. It's a comfort knowing that I have a place to bring my children that will work with their bodies to heal their problems rather than quickly reaching for a pharmaceutical solution." -Mindy Leffler, Bellevue

Abigail Came to Life with Gentle CranioSacral

Abigail's first weeks of life were an amazing time. We did notice however that she was almost "not in her body."  She ate and slept but was so quiet.  She had a very quick birth and was even born asleep and in the caul!  Like our other two children she spit up after each nursing, which for our other two children lasted until they were about 9 months old and then tapered down. With Abigail I wanted to find a way to lesson the impact of all the vomiting so we sought out Barbara for gentle CranioSacral treatments.  The results were amazing.  After 3-4 treatments her vomiting was so much less and completely stopped after 8 weeks. The truely incredible result was how she "came to life." She seemed to start beginning her journey with us after her first few treatment.  Her personality after the treatments and as of today is so much different then those beginning weeks.  Today she is a fiesty, go-getter 2 year old who is full of life and energy.            -Katherine Lane Sillars, Whidbey Island

Jake Started Sleeping Longer

"We met Barbara when our son was three months old. He suffered from acid reflux and constipation. During the night he was waking about every hour. During the day, due to his constant spitting up, we were changing his outfits and bibs faster than we could keep up with the laundry. We were exhausted. After six sessions with Barbara, our son started sleeping longer up to 6-7 hours and the constipation and spitting up decreased significantly; he was able to wear the same outfit throughout the day. Thank you Barbara for your part in healing our little guy." -Traci Hetherington

Onosa'i Colic Story

Baby Onosa’i was inconsolable at 6 weeks old when his parents sought CranioSacral Therapy to help him with sleep, constipation, and self soothing.  The parents were stressed and helpless with their baby’s relentless screaming.

Watch this video testimonial for colic and observe how relaxed, alert, and calm baby Onosa’i is now at 10 weeks old. -Carrie & Harold Smith, Seattle