CranioSacral Therapy calms and restores The nervous system.

CST gently unwinds and aligns you with physical wholeness and emotional resilience.
Alleviate physical pain and dysfunction while your nervous system renews. 
Regain more balance for navigating and restoring health.

CST Session Types

New Client
In the first session we will have a conversation about your current health challenges and needs. You will receive a hands on evaluation of your current alignment. The therapeutic process begins by resetting your nervous system. Through skillful light touch bodywork you will experience deep relaxation while musculoskeletal tension releases. Balancing your physical alignment will allow your body to heal. Plan on resting afterwards to support your nervous system's integration of the bodywork. You will receive a therapy plan, coaching and homework. 

Current Client:  
Receive support during a current health event with gentle hands on healing and breath work. The focus of each session is customized to your body's current needs. Your nervous system will be stabilized on all levels:  body, mind, and heart. Can be applied to the series of four.  

Injury Treatment: 
After a car accident, CST gently releases trauma and physically aligns your body for pain relief. A doctor's prescription is required for services.

Baby Craniosacral: 
Relieve your newborn's feeding stress, colic symptoms, birth trauma and more with gentle CST sessions. Read more here.


Series of CST sessions offers you the most benefits and results.


Build A Foundation for Health
Series of 4 sessions within 4 weeks

If you want to maximize your relaxation and healing benefits it is recommended you reset your nervous system with this therapeutic series. During your customized sessions you will unwind habitual stress, relax muscle memories, and heal the past, especially unresolved trauma. 

CST healing intensive
2 Consecutive DAys of Individualized cst sessions

Create new levels of health as sensitive health issues transform into clarity, insight, and body wellness. 
CranioSacral Intensives accompanied with Body Healing Meditations are ideal for navigating a health challenge requiring immediate intervention. Especially effective for debilitating pain issues such as tinnitus, concussions, and trauma.

Additional benefits of cst:

  • CST  connects you with more energy, freedom of movement, and vitality resulting in lasting pain relief.

  • CST resets habitual stress patterns into new levels of physical health and well being.

  • CST works with your body to gently release trauma by unwinding layers of tension